LNH: Voting Ballot for LNH Leadership Election

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 9 20:38:09 PDT 2007

Lalo Martins wrote:
> Also spracht Arthur Spitzer (Sun, 08 Jul 2007 22:11:02 +0000):
>>    2.  Elections.  Crunch time.  Pick three and rank them 1,2,3
>>   (no self-voting).
> Just confirming -- by "no self-voting" you mean I can't vote for my 
> characters, right?
> best,
>                                                Lalo Martins

Hmm.  I think I copied that from whoever wrote the Raccies ballot...
I don't know... I guess I don't really care...

Anyone have any objections to people voting for their own characters?

Arthur "Anyone care?" Spitzer

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