LNH/META: Name that team

Tarq mitchell_crouch at caladrius.com.au
Sun Jul 8 01:52:18 PDT 2007

Net.ropolis Net.heroes?
Net.ropolis Cherokee Indians?
Net.ropolis Hoodies?
Net.ropolis Neon Red Flashing Headgears?
Net.ropolis Ninjas?
Net.ropolis Archaeopteryxi?
Net.ropolis Neornithes?
Net.ropolis Nightjars?
Net.ropolis Nectarivores?
Net.ropolis Kiwis?
Net.ropolis Oozlefinches?
Net.ropolis Nudie Nudie Nudie Nudies?

Hrm... Metropolis has two baseball teams, the Monarchs and the
Meteors, so... Net.ropolis God-Kings or Net.eors? I dunno. Someone
funny can probably parody them better.

There are some swell ideas for you. Real swell. Have fun!

> --Easily-Discovered Man Lite
> --Roots, roots roots for the home team...

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