BP/LNH: Kid Kid #2

Martin phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 3 23:04:23 PDT 2007

On Jul 4, 5:09 am, Tim Munn <drtim... at gmail.com> wrote:

>         "Hello, my name is Doctor John D. Green.  I'm here to report to the
> media the conditions of two patients received earlier today.  The
> first patient:  Ultimate Ninja, who was admitted with considerable
> neck pain.  His underpants had been pulled over his head in what I'm
> told is an 'atomic wedgie'.  Under surgical conditions, we were able
> to remove Mr. Ninja's underpants from his head.  A problem was faced,
> when upon further inspection, his underpants had become fused into his
> anal region."
>         Several in the media section gasped and made sick faces.  A weaker
> few did become sick.
>         "Mr. Ninja is in good condition after the procedure," Doctor Green
> continued.  "The second patient:  Boring Man was admitted under
> extreme pain.  Upon inspection of his wounds, there was noticed
> extreme testicular swelling.  There was also an aggravated pre-
> existing condition which complicated matters.  Mr. Boring was put into
> a medically-induced comatose state so as to improve his recovery-"

Okay, this has got to be a cover up because I thought the Kid Kid
series was taking place during Infinite April which means Ultimate
Ninja was a robot duplicate.  Otherwise how was the False Kid Kid able
to defeat Ultimate Ninja so easily by giving him a wedgie?


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