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On Monday 2 July 2007 dvandom at haven.eyrie.org (Dave Van Domelen) replied:

>>Query: with the similarity of name, eventually going straight,
>>and having a daughter, can you tell me what connection - if
>>any - Powerhouse has with Powerhaus.  In particular, is
>>Cassie Lucky Ball And Chain of the TheyMightBeVillains?
>      Mining the same source material, yeah.  Honestly, I forgot I'd 
>already done so, Constellation #28 was what, over a dozen years ago and 
>that was a one-shot sort of scene?  :)  Consider them to be parallel 
>realities, I guess.

<nods> Okay then.

Just let me lock Anal-Retentive-Archive Kid in a broom cupboard
so that he doesn't radiate dangerous levels of Smug about having
picked up on that continuity nitpick, and I will make this observation:

Normally that particular oversight wouldn't be particularly
important, and in a fundamental practical sense I suppose it
still isn't.  After all, at the last moment the story in _Coherent
Super Stories_ #4 veers off into an alternate reality (albeit much
to my surprise; afterwards I kept wondering if it should have
been an issue of _Stranger Tales_).  But since the Sourcebook
is appearing as a companion to a story arc that is mining past
continuity across several decades of stories and various old RPG
games, it creates a bit of cognitive dissonance for me.

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