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Iangelhelped123 at Iangelhelped123 at
Wed Jan 31 12:21:11 PST 2007

are psychic's for real ? why of course they are  and its not fun to be a 
psychic just like today i drive by a home in oregon, this young man who has been 
missing for years comes to me tells me in a small town outside of roseburg , 
tells me the road im drving on holds the key to what happend to him and his car.

it's not a good feeling sometimes to feel the victims pain? the road by the 
way is called oak hill road i think the town is called wilbur?

most people do not beleive in psychic's , so sad for the young man i wish i 
could get police officers to see
psychics are a tool and dont have answers to everything.

           deb the psychic !!!!!!!!!!!!

oh the boy was from salem nickname joe!!!!!!!! drove a vw.bug

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