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>I forget.  Was the Great Bear from New Mutants #18-19 or so one of the
>Great Beasts.  I remember Snowbird battling an arctic beast in a
>snowstorm in Alpha Flight during Assistant Editor's month.  Did Byrne
>actually get paid to submit white pages?  We never did get to see
>Shroud battle Cloak at midnight during a new moon.

The critter pestering Dani Moonstar during those early New Mutants was
the Demon Bear, and was quite separate from the Great Beasts who
seemed to be specifically enemies of the native gods of northern Canada.
The Snowbird-fighting-the-Great-Beast-of-blizzards story with all white
panels because it was in a snowstrom was quite clever compared to some
of the stories that took place during Assistant Editors Month.

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