ACRA/MISC: Tales from the Gutterground #1: The Runaway Chaotic, Sporadic, Traumatic, Make-it-Up-As-You-Go-Along-Story Game (Part I)

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Tue Jan 30 17:33:56 PST 2007

Tarq wrote:
> On Jan 29, 8:58 am, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at> wrote:
>><<WARNING:  The issue is kind of tame.  It does have profanity and
>>violence, but it's not quite as sick and disturbing as I was hoping it
>>would be.  Just doesn't have it.  I do think though that next issue will
>>probably be sick and disturbing.  But this issue?  Rather tame.  Still,
>>just to be on the safe side you probably shouldn't read this unless
>>you're over the age of 85.  Enjoy!>>
> DUDE!! That was AWESOME!! So completely warped and twisted and sick, 
> it was just like being drunk, except it went straight to the 
> hangover!! Craziness!!

Ah, thanks... I think.  :)

>>Rose occasionally glanced at those seated near her.  In one of the seats
>>a drummer (named Steve, or at least that's what she thought his name
>>was) was groping, or poking one of cheerleaders (Rose wasn't sure of the
>>cheerleader's name).  The cheerleader would giggle, occasionally
>>shrieking, "Stop it.  No. Don't do that.  I mean it.  I'll tell.  I'm
>>telling," and giggle some more.  Mostly, a lot of giggling.  God, what a
> Eew, underage!!

Well, I don't really know the ages of Steve and the cheerleader...
they could be 18 year old highschool seniors for all I know...

>>"Whoahhh!  That was totally badass, Salty!!" shouted someone from the
>>back of the bus.
> That was the best teenage characterisation I have ever read. 
> Seriously. A bus driver gets up and blows the crap out of a student, 
> they don't go, "Oh bother, that man has a gun!" and maybe some of the 
> girls might go "Ew, blood!", but in every group of teenagers, there 
> will always be one who goes "Whoahhh! That was totally badass, 
> Arthur!!" Seriously. That's like, an average teen statement, but with 
> a bang before it. Re: Craziness!!

Well, what can I say.  It would be badass...

> And gosh darn, that Disney stuff was just trippy. Crazy trippy. My 
> mind is so totally blown.

And this was the sane issue...

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