LNH: New Teenfactor # 1

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 27 17:10:51 PST 2007

First off, thanks for the comments, Mitchell!

> "Wow, I have friends like that, too!

One thing I'm trying to do is emulate the way teenagers actually act 
and think.  When I was a teenager myself, I had very little insight 
into myself and my friends, as few as they were.  But I'm not so old 
that I can't remember what ostracization and "what-did-I-do?" feels 
like-- and so hopefully, I can give an accurate picture of the "wonder 
years" experience without falling back on cliches and idiocy.

How well I do is up to the reader, of course.

>Re: I have friends like that, too!

Well, then, so far, so good. :- )

> Okay. So we have the warily anticipated first issue of New Teenfactor.
> And while things are still warming up, I have to say that I think that
> there is a lot of potential here already.

Thank you.

> Characters different enough
> to pull the team apart, but similar enough to hold it together.

I think the reason why the cast is fairly small to start and will 
probably continue to be small as the new series continues, is that 
it's easier to compare-and-contrast four different personalities than 
to do it with eight or nine.  This way, all the characters should 
stand out.

>Seriously, there's enough potential conspiratorial
> foreshadowing there for a good size story arc, especially if it's
> preceded by numerous smaller stories about the team having to commit
> morally questionable acts because the govt. wants them to.

I actually kept more or less away from that in the original series(es) 
and I'm going to be extra-careful to stay away from it this time 
around.  One of the very few things I have in common with Dvandom is a 
general dislike for capekiller/evil government storylines.

But, having worked in government, I know that the government can make 
really bad and seemingly inscrutible decisions.  And there will be 
those, and some rather harsh reactions to them.  But there won't be 
any maliciousness from the government in this series-- not even from 
Republicans. :- )

> Here's looking forward for New Teenfactor #2.

Well, thank you.

> ~Mitchell.


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