LNH: Easily-Discovered Man #48

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 21:29:23 PST 2007


> > I think you may have just single-handedly destroyed my faith in
> > superheroes. Good job!

> I hope not.  [Rob drags out soapbox, climbs aboard].
> My favorite super-hero stories are the ones that suggest
> that heroes are here to inspire us, to show us that it's
> still possible for one person to make a difference.

Ah, if I had seen Rob's post, I probably wouldn't have mentioned the
whole inspirational thing in my review.  At the same time, the whole my
thoughts on Rob's thoughts on the genre thing was the review.  So there
you go.

And I want to say that I, for one, found your soapbox to be very
compelling.  Of course, I share many of those opinions also, but you
expressed them with such simplicity and force that I feel it should be

>Until you've tried to write the character, it's hard to
> appreciate just how good a job Tom does with his
> Haiku Gorilla stories.

Thank you very kindly, Rob.


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