[LNH] Adventures Beyond Comprehension #10: 'Wrath'

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 23 21:44:57 PST 2007

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

I hate this story.

I hated it the first time Jesse Willey suggested it.  Hated it the
first time he said he wanted to revisit the terrible Janice
Kult/Teenfactor stuff, and I hated it when he said he wanted to retcon
the cause of deaths of Carolyn's two mothers.

I hated it when he suggested that there had been a traitor in the team,
even if he was kind enough to make that traitor _not_ Electra.

I hated it when he sent me the story for editing, posting, and I assume
approval.  Hated the way that Carolyn Forge and Electra are both wildly
out of character-- out of character not only the way I wrote them, but
also out of character the way Jesse had been developing them.

Hated the way the story played out.  Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

I hated it so much that I refused to edit any more of his stories, that
I refused to post them, and I hated it so much that I certainly did not
give my explicit approval of this excreble piece of shit.  And only
sheer willfullness and malice could read implicit approval for the use
of my characters in my angry, venting, denounciation.

Last year, when Jesse decided to use and kill off one of my characters
who was in public domain, I reserved all my characters-- to protect
them from Jesse.  All my characters except for the ones he was using
for his Killfile Wars stories.  Because as much as I disagreed with
him, I wasn't going to basically cripple his storyline by removing
major characters from it.  But this...

This isn't an accident, a gaffe.  He asked, and I did not give consent.
 He sent me the story, and I did not approve it.  And then he went and
posted it anyway.  (Or, rather, he got someone else to post it for him,
since he's too chickenshit to post on RACC-- and I'm certainly not mad
at you, Saxon, for posting for him: you're innocent in all this.)

I hereby nominate Jesse Willey for a Discretionary RACCie-- the Chris
Ireland Memorial Award.  Because that's what you've done, Jesse.

People can say what they want about our earlier shenanigans, about the
toes we stepped on.  But we never did what Ireland did.  We never went
ahead and did something anyway after the character's owner had said no.
 Not until now.  Not until _you_.

I am hereby rescinding the loan of my characters to Jesse Willey.
(Keep Onion Lad, as he's half Dane's, anyway.)

And I am hereby creating a new class of character, and placing all my
LNH characters in that class: Not Reserved, But Jesse Willey Can't Use
Them Under Any Circumstances.

What's more, I am hereby elsewhirling this story.  In fact, I am
elsewhirling every story Jesse's ever done with Carolyn, Electra, et
al-- in fact, I'm elsewhirling every story I ever did with them, too.
They never happened.  Teenfactor never existed.

I'm starting their entire story over from scratch.  A revamp, a
relaunch.  And don't worry-- there won't be a single mention of any of
your characters, Jesse.

Because I've gotten tired.  So tired of this back and forth, and this
fighting, and watching my characters be ruined because I'm too nice to
stop you.  It stops now, and here.


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