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Rob Rogers mused:
> (It's amazing how few police officers are identified by name in
> LNH stories. No wonder the city needs so many super-heroes...)

[various police names supplied by jamas snipped]

     There was also Reed Spacer, who from a google search was created
by Ken Schmidt but who now seems to only appear in some issues of
_Constellation_ around the early 30s.
     I remember him because of the nameless rookie cop he was working
with in _Constellation_ #30.  Back when the 'Cry Apathy' LNH/NTB/
OSD crossover was still a going concern I asked Dvandom if I could use
him. I planned to have him captured by the Insid (created by Jameel,
IIRC) and subjected to the mutagenic spham of the Insid Flowers of
Liff in a scene otherwise very much like the capture of the crew of
the Argos by Venemoid / Rahdam pants in the anime series _Teknoman_ /
_Space Knight Tekkaman Blade_.  He was even going to get a *name*  :-)

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