RACCIES/LNH/LNHY/NTB/*WhatEVER*: Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies on a Plane Filled with Killer Ninja Gorillas! #1

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RACCIES/LNH/LNHY/NTB/*WhatEVER*: Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's
RACCies on a Plane Filled with Killer Ninja Gorillas! #3

'Some Of Our Killer Ninja Gorillas Are Missing!'
by Saxon Brenton

     The Killer Ninja Gorillas sent by the Gorilla Conspiracy to
secure the victory of gorillas in the RACCie awards by eliminating
the competition posed by Dr Cool J. Dog prepared to make their next
move. Whatever that was.
     Suddenly, however, they became away that one of their number was
     "Where is Killer Ninja Gorilla #37b?" asked the voice emanating
from the darkened corner of the room.
     One of thew other Killer Ninja Gorillas bowed and banged his head
in obeisance.  "Master, we do not know."
     "Find him, and find him quickly. We have further work to..."
began the voice, but was then interrupted by the sounds of gunfire
from outside. "We are discovered!" hissed the voice. "Deal with the
intruder, and then we shall depart! And where is Killer Ninja Gorilla


     Outside, Radish the Valentine's Day Miracle Beaver was doing
what she did best, and what she did best wasn't pretty. Radish was
ably assisted by a Guy In A Trenchcoat Fighting Ninjas and Samuel L.
Jackson (who for his part was tempting fate by his continued
insistence of using Acraphobe rated dialogue in a non-Acraphobe
rated story).
     Katanas flashed, gunfire rang out, and apes swung about the cabin
of the aeroplane of vines that hadn't been there a minute ago (no,
wait, that's gorilla subway pirates; never mind).
     And in the middle of all the excitement Deuce Cordova, of Animal
CSI, was the only one who noticed the way that a man dressed in a blue
costume who suddenly dart in, jab a Killer Ninja Gorilla with some
sort of piece of metal, and then move on as the Killer Ninja Gorilla
then collapsed to its knees, twitching and spasming on the floor with
Kirbykrackle energy leaking from its eyes.  .oO( Huh. Some sort of
superhero who actually wants to capture and put them on trial? Now
that's a change, ) though Deuce.


     "Master," said Killer Ninja Gorilla #17r, "we are being
     "This cannot be happening!" exclaimed the voice in the darkness.
"The Killer Ninja Gorillas of the Gorilla Conspiracy are a match for
any number of Trenchcoaters!"
     "Against Trenchcoaters, perhaps. But not against... Bluetooth,
the Man Who Never Gets Credit For His Own Dialogue!"
     With a flash of movement faster than Killer Ninja Gorilla #17r
could act against Bluetooth drove one of his mind control and
reformatting plugs deep into the spine of the hapless Killer Ninja
Gorilla. KNG#17r collapsed, his mind - his very soul - being
rewritten. Being reformatted. Being usurped.
     "What is the meaning of this!?" demanded the voice of the blue
costumed man.
     "Your Killer Ninja Gorillas belong to me, now."
     And this was true, since a horde of Killer Ninja Gorillas - just
short of a third of the complement that had been sent aboard the
aeroplane - marched into view. And all of their eyes had all been
transformed by the slight glow of Kirbykrackle in almost-but-not-quite
the same way that people who are under mind control loose their pupils.
     "Beware, little man. The Gorilla Conspiracy is not to be trifled
     At that point Samuel L. Jackson burst in and began peppering the
room with gunfire. "Die, motherf*ckers!" he yelled.
     "Hey! Those are *my* Killer Ninja Gorillas, not the Gorilla
Conspiracy's ones!"
     "Who the motherf*cking hell are you, motherf*cking pussy boy...
ooof!" went Jackson as Bluetooth winded him by ramming an elbow
into his stomach and then knocking him unconscious by slamming his
head into the wall. (You see? I told you he was tempting fate by using
Acraphobe rated dialogue in a non-Acraphobe rated story.)
     When Bluetooth looked back the voice in the darkened corner had
gone. Indeed, even the darkness in the corner had gone. He glanced
around in irritation, and spotted a crytsal on the floor. He picked it
up, and saw within it the image of a story: 'Just Imagine Saxon
Brenton Presents the RACCies... Again! #6'.
     "Now what in the world is this all about?"


WHEN will we find out what the significance of _Just Imagine... Saxon
Brenton's RACCies_ #6 has for the Gorilla Conspiracy?

IS Bluetooth planning on thwarting the Gorilla Conspiracy as a way
of winning his place back in the Legion of Net.Heroes, or is he
recruiting an army as part of a revenge plan?


     Bluetooth (nee, Never-Gets-Credit-for-His-Dialogue Lad) created
by Jamie Rosen back in _Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies!_ #14.
     Deuce Cordova created by Martin Phipps.
     The Guy In A Trenchcoat Fighting Ninjas, the Killer Ninja
Gorillas and Radish the Valentine's Day Miracle Beaver created by
Arthur Spitzer.

Saxon Brenton     Uni of Technology, city library, Sydney Australia
     saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au     saxonbrenton at hotmail.com

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