LNH: Drabble Girl: Drabble #33

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Sat Jan 13 22:45:48 PST 2007

Drabble Girl in 52 Drabbles!
Drabble #33: The Retreat!

"Creatures run," Doctor Stomper said.

"Where?" Ultimate Ninja said.

"Go tube."

"'Go tube'?"

"No words," Doctor Stomper said.

"All creatures down?"

"No. Soon."

"Use barrier attack?"

"Creature home? Maybe."

"Do. LNH fight."

Drabble Girl fire. More creatures down. Drabble Girl look creatures. She
no find creatures. She look creatures. She no find creatures. Drabble
Girl go LNH.

"No creatures," she said.

"Creatures run," Doctor Stomper said.

"No barrier?" Ultimate Ninja said.

"No creatures here," Doctor Stomper said. "Creatures there. Barrier

"No words bad!"

"No words barrier safe!"

"No barrier. Now."

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