META/REVIEW: Immediate Pleasure (a review of Superfreaks # 19-21)

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Thu Jan 11 03:13:40 PST 2007

Tom Russell wrote:
> I know you've stated before that Superfreaks can be considered a parody
> universe.  But I guess I just keep missing the punchlines. :-)

I like to think I've been subtle.  Consider:

Diana Ramirez: Edward notesdthat she did look like a "Ramirez" and she
pointedut that her husband was Mexican.

Mr. Ramirez: He's a gun collector.

Bryce Banner: Adam Evers accused him of starting "arguments for no
reason" and getting "quickly irritated by others".

Adam Evers: Bryce Banner asked him if he thought he was "some kind of

Andy Best: He chastised Diana Ramirez for "stating the obvious" and
claimed to be a better psychic than her.

Carlos Faulkner: This was the name of the Cannon Fodder analogue in the
Society of Net.Heroes Looniverse.

Charles Spender: He was refered to as the group's "resident chef".
C.E.L. Spender was also Cheesecake Eater Lad's name in the story where
it was revealed that his father was C.E.M. Spender, the Cheesecake
Eating Man.  It was an X-Files reference.

Ellie Spender: She Complained that Edward was "Completely Confusing"
(caps added).

Raymond Heck: He offered to provide Edward with a "roster" of the
group's members.

Terry Stern: He was the group's financeer.  Mary noted that he would
say one thing and appear to mean something completely different.

Meanwhile, Professor Stomper was more of an amalgamation of Drs Strange
and Stomper which is why he was Professor _Stephen_ Stomper.

Ha.  Ha.  Ha ha ha.


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