[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #36 - December 2006 [spoilers]

Tim Munn drtimphd at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 20:48:25 PST 2007

> Town Heroes #1
> A Boring Publications [BP] story
> by Tim Munn
>      A Vocabulary Challenge story.  During the first two scenes I though
> I had a grip on where this story was going, but then I realised that that
> they and subsequent scenes weren't tying together.  This gave it a bit of
> a surreal edge, although not to the extent that the hallucinations in the
> first two episode of _A Journey_ were.  Oh, all right, the clown beside
> the drunken pastor's hospital bed came close, but this is a Possible Man
> story and I'm prepared to give it a lot of slack on sheer random weirdness.

The Clown wanted to be in it; wouldn't let me write until he was in.
There's one major point early on I've got to tackle with this
mini-series, and I think it's going to get sacked pretty quick.  It
could be weird; it could be serious.  Who knows, maybe I'll put the
Clown against a Zombie, with the Clown demanding brains and the Zombie
making balloon animals?  :)

>      So instead I tried reading the story as though it were a series of
> vignettes from an established series that I simply wasn't familiar enough
> with (or perhaps a new series, since Tim started _Mail-Order Super-Heroes_
> only last month, and both stories feature members of the Heroes Alliance),
> kind of like Jesse Willey's habit of writing a story as a series of
> subplots running in parallel.  This tactic worked somewhat better,
> although the fact that we only occasionally got an explanation of who
> these people were and what they were doing (perhaps a limitation of the
> Vocab Challenge format) still made it rather frustrating.

Yup, this would be the correct way to read it.  Yes, seventy-five
sentences does make it pretty hard to get those explanations in.
Possible Man you know, and there is one other you know as well.  The
rest will be explained in #2 or thereabouts.

Tim Munn

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