LNH: Drabble Girl #49

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Tue Feb 20 01:16:26 PST 2007

Drabble Girl in 52 Drabbles!
Drabble #49: Draug!

As a reverse guard, the draug was now set to help Drabble Girl.

HoW mAy I hElP yOu

"Take me to the centre of the Wordinator," Drabble Girl said.

ThIs WaY

Drabble Girl was pushed through the words, and soon she could see
something large before her. Getting closer and closer, the mass of
whatever got larger and larger, making Drabble Girl realise that it was
a lot bigger than she originally thought.

Up close, the surface near her was nearly a wall, comprised of tightly
packed words. This could be problematic.

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