[RACCies] RACCies Hall Of Fame Official ballot

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 6 17:16:06 PST 2007

Saxon Brenton wrote:

> [RACCies] RACCies Hall Of Fame Official ballot
>    Nominations for the Hall of Fame RACCies have now closed, with three
> people participating.  Now for the oft-repeated voting procedure:

Wow, three people...! oh well, I'm still glad we did this...
hopefully there will be more that 3 people voting in the final

>   Elections.  Crunch time.  Pick three and rank them 1,2,3
> (no self-voting).  Track and field scoring in effect -- ie 1st is 5pts,
> 2nd is 3pts and 3rd is 1pt.  Most points wins. Democracy inaction!
>        Election Period ends: FEB 28 2007

I think this should be moved up to March 5th...

> HALL.OF.FAME3.  FAVORITE MINI-SERIES:  12 issues or less including 
> one-shots
>   Cauliflower, the Miracle Christmas Pooch  [LNH]

Thanks for the nomination... I didn't really expect to get
anything out of this considering all of the stories people
had to choose from... but thanks...

Arthur "The third person.." Spitzer

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