RACCies: 2006 Official RACCies ballot

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 6 17:05:45 PST 2007

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> [RACCies] 2006 Official RACCies ballot
>     Nominations for the 2006 RACCies have now closed, with five people
> participating.  Additionally, there will be a vote between Martin Phipps
> and Arthur Spitzer for the position of next RACCies Administrator.

I think everyone should vote for Martin in this category...

That being said...

If I do the RACCies I will continue the Hall of Fame stuff no
matter how few people vote in in... not sure if Martin will
do that...

And I will vote and nominate stuff because I don't believe in
all of that impartial RACCie Administrator stuff... the
way I see it is that regardless of whether I vote or not
if will effect the outcome and by not voting I'd just be
boosting my own chances of winning and not who ever I'd
be voting for...

And I will accept bribes... for $50,000 I'll give you the
Raccie of your choice...

Just kidding... just kidding... :)

> Now for the oft-repeated voting procedure:
> The (r)ACCIES are a two-step process:
> 1.  Nominations.  Open.  The only restriction is that you may not
> nominate yourself or any stories you worked on.  (I will except
> crossovers under the assumption it is the others' contributions you
> wish to recognize ;] ).  The objective is to overlook _no_ quality
> stories, yet still keep the ballot a reasonable length, so nominate
> as many as you wish but make sure _someone'd_ vote for them.
> In addition to the below listed categories, participants are
> encouraged to create 'special' (read -- comedic) awards to include
> in the balloting.  Include a winner with your award.  I will exert
> editorial fiat over these nominations, choosing the funniest among
> duplicates and dismissing ones in bad taste or ones with vicious
> intent.  Nominations are RACC-wide: all posted imprints, stories
> and authors are eligible as long as the story(ies) in question were
> posted after 23 DEC 2005 and before 31 DEC 2006.
>         Nomination Period ends: JAN 31 2007
> 2.  Elections.  Crunch time.  Pick three and rank them 1,2,3
> (no self-voting).  Track and field scoring in effect -- ie 1st is 5pts,
> 2nd is 3pts and 3rd is 1pt.  Most points wins. Democracy inaction!
>         Election Period ends: FEB 28 2007

Of course since the ballor arrived on Feb 5th it seems that we should
at least have the period end on say March 5th....

> NOTE:  Please return all nominations and ballots to
>      saxonbrenton at hotmail.com

> RACC17.  MOST IMPROVED AUTHOR:  from 24 DEC 2005 to present
>    Jamas ENRIGHT
>    Tim MUNN
>    Martin PHIPPS
>    Tom RUSSELL
>    Arthur SPITZER
>    Jesse WILLEY

Since my 2006 writing was much worse than my 2005 writing I
don't think I should win this....

Arthur "Thanks for the nominations.." Spitzer

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