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This year saw 20 stories released under the Eightfold banner, bringing
our running total since our April 2005 launch kicking and screaming to
sixty-one!  Which, for a two-man operation (clears throat, looks at
other Eightfoldians) is not too shabby.  Let's look at what we've seen
this year.

The Haunted Man # 1, The Day Jimmy Jeff Rayburn Drove Clear to
Harrisonville for the Papers
The Haunted Man # 2, Condemned & The Hemophile

Jamie's atmospheric horror series.  Very top-notch stuff.

Incarnate # 2, And It Is of More...
Incarnate # 3, ... That We Are Made

Jamie Rosen's series takes a turn for the decidedly weird here.  While
I wasn't always sure precisely what was going on, I did enjoy it.

Jolt City # 5, The Lion, the Witch, and the Unicycle!
Jolt City # 6, To Tango with the Trapper!
Jolt City # 7, The Last Trapper Story!

The out-of-control Trapper storyline had its fair share of death
traps, romance, and humour.

Jolt City # 8, Panic in a Pretty Box!

This one's an easy nomination for favourite single issue, don't you
think? ;-)

Jolt City # 9, ... a.k.a. The Hallucinated Man!

Not my favourite issue of the series, though it's not bad per se.  I
mean, c'mon-- talking snails with miniature atomic bombs?  But
something was missing that I still can't quite put my finger on.

Jolt City # 10, The Most Dangerous Man!

Powerless Martin Rock goes to supervillain prison, makes a few friends
and several enemies.

Jolt City # 11, Mystery of the Two Green Knights!

The conclusion to the first eleven-issue mega-arc.  Witty banter, a
resurrection, a desperate battle to stop the hordes of Apelantis-- a
little bit of everything that brings the series and the character full

Journey Into... # 4, The Ballad of Johnny Banana!

A vignette I wrote for Apes Month, with a teensy little glimpse into
the American justice system in the Eightfold universe.

Journey Into... # 5, A Little Boy Built a Snowman

Very short poem about a snowman.

Six-Gun Judas # 1, High Midnight

Jamie himself feels that his weird western has gotten off to a rocky
start. His idea is very solid even if the execution is a little shaky
this time around.  I think SIX-GUN JUDAS is going to be a series to
keep your eye on and I look forward to # 2.

Template # 4, Normal Part 4

Joltin' Jamie's very meta-textual story gets even more meta-textual,
slowly deepening the entire Template mystery with care and a certain
degree of panache.


Weird Romance # 1, The Heart Death of the Universe & MWF ISO BEM
Weird Romance # 2, Forty-Nine Short Films

The first Eightfold Romance title. "MWF ISO BEM" is my personal
favourite.  Full of wit, humour, and a nice touch of the bizarre.

Doomed Romance # 1, Finn
Doomed Romance # 2, Donald

Male-narrated stories of failure, written in a New Yorker-y vein.

Kinky Romance # 1, Rachel

Female-narrated stories of orgasm.  Fun for the whole family!  Well,
fun for those family members who are over 21.  It's certainly my
favourite single issue.


Is MARTIN ROCK your favourite character?  Or does THE HAUNTED MAN
strike your fancy?  Nominate them as Favourite Protagonist!

Is JOLT CITY your favourite ACRA series?  Is the Eightfold Comics
Group your favourite story imprint?  Are Tom or Jamie your favourite

Don't be shy, don't be late:
something something nominate!


Hear ye, hear ye-- 2008 is hereby and forever more declared Eightfold

Coming in January:

Doomed Romance # 3
Kinky Romance  # 2

Coming in February:

The first-ever Eightfold Crossover!

Coming in March:

The launch of a new Eightfold Romance Title!

Coming sometime after January 1 but before December 31:

Jolt City Annual # 1!

And later in the year, be on the lookout for the triumphant return of

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