RACCIES: Tim Munn's Eligibles for '07

Tim Munn drtimphd at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 16:09:57 PST 2007

Boring Publications for 2007...

And since I'm likely to not have anything else out this year...

LNH: Kid Kid #2 Tim Munn Jul 4
The False Kid Kid comes under attack from the Real Kid Kid.  Due to
the Real Kid Kid's Ram Fighting Technique, neither Kid Kid comes out
looking like a winner.  Later, Boring Man and Ultimate Ninja's
condition is updated.

LNH: Kid Kid #1 Tim Munn Jul 4
Kid Kid, the goat-human hybrid hero debuts.  Immediately, he is
confronted by a growing problem: identity theft.  The thief: we don't
know, but he's stolen Kid Kid's identity!  A fight ensues, leaving
Boring Man and Ultimate Ninja hospitalized, beaten by False Kid Kid.

Bob and Charlie #3 Tim Munn Jun 5
The attack helicopters Bob and Starkey come under fire.  Bob deals
with it, fighting back with fury.  Starkey tells Bob that he had
nothing to do with his recall, to leave Vietnam alltogether.  Bob has
a nightmare, and waits for those to come.

Bob and Charlie #2 Tim Munn May 21
The aftermath of the attack and the first time we see Brigadier
General Casey Starkey.  Starkey takes Bob in to Saigon.  We see
Charlie for the first time as well, and he vows revenge against Bob.

Bob & Charlie #1 Tim Munn Feb 28
#1: Bob is a mean-gun Vietnam Warrior out against the North
Vietnamese.  He does his job as he knows how, one village at a time.

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