8FOLD: Journey Into... # 5

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 05:43:40 PST 2007


A little boy built a snowman
tall and proud and plump
he packed him tight with clean white snow
and set him on a stump.

The stump had been a tree once
(or so the boy was told)
that his brothers climbed a long time ago
while the sun burnt amber gold.

His father cut the old tree down--
it had withered with disease.
The tree was neither glad nor sad, for it knew
such is the fate of trees.

"You will be a leader,"
 said the boy to his man of snow.
"I'll build a throng to cheer you on to
 share everything you know."

His speeches were few, but elegant.
They listened despite the cold.
He slowly taught his every thought as
the sun burnt amber gold.

His audience wasted away
and then their leader followed,
no longer plump and sliding down the stump as
the sun burnt amber gold.

His last words are not recorded.
No one knows quite what he felt.
But he must have knew, as all snowmen do, that
one day he would melt.


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