PROMO/RACCIES: Mitchell Crouch's Self-Promotional Binge for 2007!

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Sat Dec 22 19:53:03 PST 2007

Okay, so I'll be the first to admit I didn't quite live up to my
ambitious two-a-month plan, but hey, at least I got more done this
year than last year!


Sea Monkeys
Anthropomorphic Ape meets up with Coco the Powder Monkey! Hilarity
ensues because they're primates fighting against the Improbable Man
Made out of Salami on the high seas!

Sea Monkeys II
...well... there was Marvin the Kid Macaw. And he's cool.


LNH Comics Presents... # 46: Infinite Leadership Cry.sig #11:
Politically Correct Person
Turtles of Apocalyptic Proportions attack Net.trop- ! Hang on. Are you
sure they're not tortoises? What about terrapins? Also, Cannon Fodder
survives to the end of a mission!

LNH Comics Presents... #62: Infinite Leadership Cry.sig #27: Bad-Timing
Bad-Timing Boy smashes his head and gets some weird form of amnesia,
completely wasting his day as LNH leader!


Alt.stralian Yarns #4: Reading Clocks
Been-Out-Bush-For-Way-Too-Long Man, City Slicker Gent, Possum-Man and
Bingo discover that Gent's missus has gone missing.

Alt.stralian Yarns #5: The Climactic Five-Issue Battle
Supersteer vs. hulkhens! The storyline isn't progressed at all!

Alt.stralian Yarns #6: Screwed
Possum-Man leaves to spawn his own series to star in! The net.villain
Screwball is suspected of having kidnapped the missus, and BOBFWTLMan
and City Slicker Gent part ways. Bingo is also misplaced!

Alt.stralian Yarns #7: Whack Whack Ka-Boom Ahoy!
The Fantastical Farmer rides a hulkhen to to rescue the Gent's
missus. With BOB, Gent, the missus, and Bingo reunited once more,
Bingo walks onto the street and gets hit by vehicles of increasing
improbability. Hilarity at its finest!

Alt.stralian Yarns #8: Fun With Immature Sexual References
Bingo humps Screwball's foot and becomes Bingo, the Were-Cattle-Dog
Creature! The first Yarns storyline comes to a close.

Alt.stralian Yarns #9: Q1 - Super Duper Awesome Team Force Go!
Many years ago, Contempo Weapons Lad comes into being on Been-Out-Bush-
For-Way-Too-Long Man's farm. He joins his Aunt Boris' Super Duper
Awesome Team Force Go, only to have the rest of the team slaughtered
after a perilous encounter with seaweed.

Alt.stralian Yarns #10: Q2 - Tenth Issue Spectacular! With
Contempo Weapons Lad meets Obsessive-Compulsive Boy to fight the Silly
Lizard. More storyline involved than you think!

Alt.stralian Yarns #11: Q3 - The Path to Greatness
The Duo Contempo become a formidable force and meet with Team Q,
Alt.stralia's most powerful net.hero team! Ran-Out-Of-Fuel Man and the
Desert Devils provide humour!

Alt.stralian Yarns #12: Q4 - Of Sidekicks, Team-mates, and Flamingos
Lord Flamingor attacks Team Q and the Duo Contempo. CWLad teams up
with the Pelican to make their way to to regroup with the
others. The threat of Flamingor is postponed, and Contempo Weapons Lad
drags Obsessive-Compulsive Boy away from the clutches of Questionable
Logic Man.

Alt.stralian Yarns #13: Q5 - The Stage is Set
Twenty-five pages of pure hardcore action! Eureka, Foundim, and
Thatswhereiputhebluddything meet up with the Duo Contempo, and CWLad
discovers that Flutterfly and I-Just-Can't-Quite-Seem-To-Get-My-
Spandex-To-Fit Man survived the Bris.bit Massacre of Super Duper
Awesome Team Force Go, and Team Q unites once more to fight Evil Bad
Unneighbourly and his Turtle of Apocalyptic Proportions. Obsessive-
Compulsive Boy gets mailed to Ame.rec.a! Features a special cameo by a
certain Doctor whose name cannot be retyped...

Alt.stralian Yarns #14: Q6 - The Dream
When Mundanio, a net.villain with much the same powers as Contempo
Weapons Lad, fights CWLad for the title of 'Master of Mundane
Materials', much of Alt.elaide is blown up in an ensuing hydrogen
balloon explosion. Team Q is thusly exiled from Alt.stralia, but don't
leave before Questionable Logic Man accidentally turns CWLad into a
murder machine! Team Q dies, and CWLad retreats to Ame.rec.a.

NOTE: Alt.stralian Yarns #15, the exciting conclusion to the Q
storyline, probably won't be out till next year, despite it being
mostly finished. And then -- MORE BEEN-OUT-BUSH-FOR-WAY-TOO-LONG MAN!!


Possum-Man: Relinquished #1: School Reunion
When deranged ex-peer Duck McMuck goes on a killing rampage, Sticks
Tarqchevskison dons his Possum-Man costume once more!

Possum-Man: Relinquished #2: Safety First
A cargo ship is stolen from Port Com.bla, and Possum-Man fights the
infamous net.villain Green-on-Black!

Possum-Man: Relinquished #3: Regaining the Mantle
An incredibly powerful net.villain named the White Boomer kidnaps
Sticks' ex-girlfriend, Monica, and is revealed to be working with Duck

Possum-Man: Relinquished #4: Mummy, Don't Let The Bad Possum Hurt Me
Pos stumbles into a trap set by Duck McMuck and realises that there's
a net.villain conspiracy afoot. Fighting his way through Green-on-
Black, the White Boomer and McMuck himself, Possum-Man emerges
victorious and is able to save his friends lives. However, someone
knows his secret...

Possum-Man: Relinquished #5: Lady of the Manor
Possum-Man confronts the mastermind behind the conspiracy! COMING THIS


Jolt City Annual: The Mask With No Name
Martin Rock, the Mask With No Name, fights DINOSAURS! He is not

Okay, I think that's everything. As a quick note, a list of things not
entirely unlike in-jokes that have come out of my writings:
     # Turtles of Apocalyptic Proportions
     # The Doctor whose name can never be retyped... he's just not
hardcore enough.
...that's all, I think.

Happy holidays, to one and to all and to everyone in between!

~Mitchell 'Tarq' Crouch.

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