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Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 18 03:09:18 PST 2007

I'm still confused. :(

On Dec 17, 10:02 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at gmail.com> wrote:

> Blackbird walked up to her and stopped just one step away,
> sadness and despair and loneliness pouring from his eyes like a
> thick blizzard of small but heavy flakes of shadow, waiting for
> a sign, his heart hiding a secret.  Music could be heard if you
> closed your eyes.

Okay.  You said "like a blizzard".  So this is a metaphorical
blizzard, right?

> "Ah", she said.  "The leader.  Still not over the loss of the
> most important people in your life, and therefore probably the
> most formidable opponent.  But can you really control all that
> power?  You do realize it's a danger to yourself and the world,
> unless and until you can?"
> He waved his arms, and the shadows swirled around them both like
> a dark version of a snow globe.  She just stood there, and all
> the people in the area couldn't hold their tears, for the image
> was sad yet the most beautiful thing they've ever seen, just a
> second of their lives which could not be captured and would
> never come back.
> She walked closer and stared deeply into his eyes, as the
> blizzard sparkled with shades of emotion loud enough for anyone
> to smell and taste, like an unfulfilled promise crawling through
> their skins.  That afternoon, Bingham Valley stopped, unable to
> do any more work; the teachers knowing there was nothing
> meaningful left to teach, the doctors sure the world was beyond
> cure, the firemen feeling that the fires of the soul had been
> reduced to harmless ember that night.
> "I know what it's like", she whispered; only he was close enough
> to hear, but every heart in range resonated to the same tune, in
> brooding harmony.  "My brother is gone too.  And I understand
> the despair of a world where hope is a teddy bear, that can help
> you sleep warm, but can't ever move by itself.  We're all alone
> together, too special to fit, to belong, to mean anything when
> meaning is at best a comforting illusion."
> The blizzard spun into a whirlwind, and the tears of a whole
> neighborhood falling to the ground made a symphony like coffee
> and honey, as life closed its eyes to look inside.  The night
> decided that was the best cue to join the scene, but it didn't
> so much fall, as it crept in, as if sprouting from the falling
> tears, in beat to its own deep melody.
> "But sometimes I dream", she whispered.  "Always with love."
> And the night echoed: "So much love, it looks like everything
> else, so far away."
> "We are here, and being special will have to be enough."
> "Waiting for a sign", the New Misfits all said, not sure why.
> "Make believe in magic", she told Blackbird, touching both his
> shoulders with her hands.  "Make believe in dreams.  Make
> believe impossible."
> "Nothing as it seems", he whispered back, dropping to his knees,
> as the storm disappeared like it had never been there.

Now you say "the storm disappeared" but I thought this was just
Blackbird's power which was, as you said, "like a blizzard".

Anyway, I read it over a couple more times and I think I understand
what you were trying to describe.  It's my fault, I guess: I'm a very
literal person and I get confused easily by poetic metaphors.
Somebody like me needs a line in there like "Blackbird's power spread
out like a blizzard" and the last bit should be "Blackbird's power
dissipated" in order to create the bracketting effect.

It probably didn't help that I started reading this without having
read #17. :T


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