[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #47 - November 2007 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 2 23:41:41 PST 2007

On Sunday 2 Dec 2007 Dave Van Domelen replied:
>>      [Saxon fully appreciates that Tarq is probably the only other
>> person on RACC who knows what the hell Saxon is ranting about, and 
>> that since Tarq isn't old enough to vote yet he probably doesn't 
>> care - Footnote Girl, who's never been in a review series before]
>     Well, I understand what you're talking about, but since I'm 
> American I can't vote in Australia either.
  I may perhaps have laid on the hyperbole a bit thick.
> Dave Van Domelen, wondering what it'll take to get CSS reviewed.  :)
 You're being greedy Dave.  I've reviewed various Coherent 
Super Story issues, most recently back in the August & September EoMR 
- whereas poor old Possum Man: Relinquished still hasn't gotten a look 
in yet.
  Simply as a matter of general interest, the selection 
process for the End of Month Reviews is basically a series of nested 
motherhood statements, which go something like this:
  * try to review between half to 3/4 of the stories appearing that 
  * try to get a spread of imprints and authors
  * especially try to review new authors to RACC
  * try to review first issues 
  * try to ensure that while not all series will have each issue 
    reviewed, that there will be reasonable rotation
This wish list is then skewed by things like how busy at work or lazy 
I am, what favourite imprints, authors, or series have been posted, 
whether I find anything particularly interesting, a general dislike 
of reviewing anything I didn't like reading, plus moral cowardice 
about whether I can work up the courage to call something complete 
and utter crap with no redeeming features if it really is complete 
and utter crap with no redeeming features.  And sometimes the 
selection process just falls into a screaming heap for no adequately 
explained reason.
What I am finding bemusing is that despite my repeated statements 
(that this series id for MY BENEFIT, and NOT YOURS!) I seem to have 
fallen in with the indefagitable Tom Russell as being a kind of 
defacto cheerleader  (Hi!  Welcome to RACC!  You've written a new 
story?  Cool!  Let's see what it's like!)
This type of social responsibility sits strangely with me.  I mean, 
I would have loved to have been nominated for prefect in high school, 
simply so that I could turn it down.  But the teachers apparently 
had at least some common sense and I never got asked.  (Two decades 
on that still rankles, for some strange reason...)
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