[HYPE] Low Budget Productions for September and Beyond

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Fri Aug 31 14:54:25 PDT 2007


>From 8Fold Comics...

Incarnate #3 "... That We Are Made" -- The second half of the non-
linear story about love, hate, aliens abductions, and faerie that
began last issue. Featuring an appearance by the theoretical
protagonist of this series!


>From 8Fold Comics...

Incarnate #4 "The Secret Origin of Destiny Divine" -- We return to the
present (by which I mean 1991) to follow the aftermath of our
heroine's first appearance in the skies over Ohio. What were the
robots looking for? Why were they attacking that plane?

Six-Gun Judas #1 "High Midnight" -- History's ultimate outlaw deals
out justice and vengeance from the barrel of a gun in the Old West, as
the undying Judas Iscariot travels the American frontier, seeking
redemption and finding only the macabre and bizarre.

>From the Legion of Net.Heroes...

The Continuing Misadventures of Miss Translation #20 -- The RACCie-
winning series returns from hiatus, as our team of not-allowed-to-call-
themselves-Net.Heroes find themselves lost in THE SPACE AND FUTURE in
their search for the missing Miss Translation. MARVEL... at the 7
Ultimate Protectors who defend the future from villainy! DEE-SEE...
the state of fashion in the 31st Century! READ... the title that
Adrian James McClure called "a first-class LNH series"!


Keep an eye peeled for more exciting announcements from Low Budget
Productions in the near future!

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