[RACCies] 2006 (13th Annual) RACCies Awards

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 28 19:35:46 PDT 2007

Saxon Brenton wrote:

> [RACCies] 2006 (13th Annual) RACCies Awards
> The 2006 (13th Annual) RACCies Awards
>     General comments: There were seven people voting in this election
> (compare with the Hall Of Fame vote of five).  There were, as usual, a
> number of cases where people abstained from voting in a particular
> category for one reason or another.
>     Tom pointed out that for RACC9: Favourite New Character neither
> Wiki Boy nor Pants Rabbit Lad should have been included since they
> appeared in 2005 and 1997 respectively.  This mildly complicates
> matters since Wiki Boy would otherwise have been the winner with
> 23 points, which we will now have to ignore.
> But first up, the new RACCies administrator until such time as he gets
> tired of running it is:
>   Arthur SPITZER  {26 points}

I thought I told everyone to vote for Martin....?

Arthur "Damn" Spitzer

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