REVIEW: LNHCP # 37-- ILC # 2

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On Aug 22, 10:38 pm, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:
> Martin has a difficult task with his Irony Man story for ILC.  The
> character of Irony Man has largely been defined in three ways:
> 1, as a parody of a certain Marvel Comics character;
> 2, as one who detects and emits irony;
> and 3, as a big jerk.

He sometimes comes across as a jerk, but I think of him more as
the lone straight man in a universe full of comedians.

The difference between Irony Man and Adamant-Authority-On-Everything
is that Adam thinks he's qualified to run the LNH, and Irony Man
knows he is.

> And that's it, that's the whole story.  We don't actually get to see
> Irony Man lead the LNH.  But we do get a fair idea of what he'd be
> like from the rest of the story, so perhaps Martin's right in cutting
> it short, leaving it to the imagination.

The story sets up the premise that anyone elected leader of the LNH
disappear at midnight... it's not just that Fearless Leader has been
kidnapped.  It also sets up the whole Catalyst Lass/Irony Man rivalry
leadership of the Legion, which seems like it will be a big part of
Beige Midnight...

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