LNH: LNH Encounters

Ken Schmidt sportstsar at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 15 12:21:35 PDT 2007

Yeah, yeah. This is an old thread. However, I was doing some catch up 
reading and caught this:

Dave Van Domelen wrote:

>I think that's it for LNHers I've met in person, though.

I'm pretty sure you met a few others. Most likely these encounters were 
filed away in another section of your 'how I know these people from the net' 
mental hierarchy.

I also caught a post or two (I was catching up on stuff from the past few 
years, so...)  about trying to contact me. Unfortunately, my eyrie account 
was getting something along the lines of 100 spam messages per day and I 
wasn't able to keep up with it. If anyone does need to contact me, try my 
gmail account: kenaschm.

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