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Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Sun Apr 29 22:45:34 PDT 2007

In article <1177889861.889102.114350 at e65g2000hsc.googlegroups.com>,
Martin Phipps  <martinphipps2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I also had Paul Hardy stay with me: he wrote the Legion of Occult
>Heroes series.  The guy was a film student from England.  I wonder
>what happened to him.  Anyway, he insisted that the alley outside my
>apartment in Montreal had been used in some movie.  Hey, whatever,
>just as long as it wasn't a real police incident then I'm not
>worried.  He insisted that the "pub" we went to was a "restaurant"
>because pubs don't have printed menus: you have to ask the pub owner
>what he'll be serving tonight.  Right.  That would have been back in
>the middle ages.  Anyway, we watched Sienfeld (He hated it) and he
>slept on the floor in a sleeping bag that I had.  I also made eggs and
>sausage the next morning.  Yes, I know how to cook eggs.  And no, he
>didn't die (as far as I know).

     Yep, Paul stopped by my place during Operation: Arsedeath too.
http://www.dvandom.com/drawings/paul.html has a couple pics I took while he
was over.  He was jealous of my mastery of Goon Show voices.  :) I took him
to a nearby hotel, though, since my apartment in Columbus was 8x14 feet and
even if my lease had allowed overnight guests it would have been a tight fit.

>Finally, I met Tony Pi (pronounced pea, not pie, and yes I did ask) at
>McGill.  I told him I recognized his name from RACC.  He didn't seem

     More like "bee" than "pea", although it's one of those cases where the
consonant isn't exactly mapped into English.  He stopped by when I was at
Michigan State for a conference, arriving a day early so we could hang out.

     Rob Rogers once showed up at my door in Columbus, to my surprise.  And
Tori Fike came to a New Year's Eve party a fellow RAC-inhabiting Ohio State
grad threw one year, so I got to meet her.  Of course, Mark Friedman was an
OSU person too, and he was in my gaming group.  I think that's it for LNHers
I've met in person, though.  Then again, it's almost 1 AM and my brain's a
little hazy.

     Dave Van Domelen, never actually met Mike Friedman, oddly.

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