LNH: LNH Encounters

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 20:12:54 PDT 2007

I just want to make something clear: Stephan Savoie is a guy and
nothing happened the night he stayed over at my apartment?  Okay?

I also had Paul Hardy stay with me: he wrote the Legion of Occult
Heroes series.  The guy was a film student from England.  I wonder
what happened to him.  Anyway, he insisted that the alley outside my
apartment in Montreal had been used in some movie.  Hey, whatever,
just as long as it wasn't a real police incident then I'm not
worried.  He insisted that the "pub" we went to was a "restaurant"
because pubs don't have printed menus: you have to ask the pub owner
what he'll be serving tonight.  Right.  That would have been back in
the middle ages.  Anyway, we watched Sienfeld (He hated it) and he
slept on the floor in a sleeping bag that I had.  I also made eggs and
sausage the next morning.  Yes, I know how to cook eggs.  And no, he
didn't die (as far as I know).

Finally, I met Tony Pi (pronounced pea, not pie, and yes I did ask) at
McGill.  I told him I recognized his name from RACC.  He didn't seem

Oh and I just checked the imdb and there is an executive producer from
the UK with the name Paul Hardy who was involved in one movie last
year.  Probably isn't him though.


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