LNH: Infinite Leadership Crisis / Cry.sig (Spoilers)

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 11:20:19 PDT 2007

On Apr 29, 3:52 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Beware of Spoilers!

> Apr 2 Irony Man -- Martin
> The ending was a bit abrupt.  Presumably the Catalyst Lass issue
> starts with people wondering what happened to Irony Man.

It does, in fact.

> Apr 3 Catalyst Lass -- Tom Russell
> Wow.  Who would have thought that Saxon Brenton would post four
> episodes and Tom still wouldn't have finished this one?

Who would have guessed that Tom would be sick for two or three weeks,
and that Tom is busy trying to pay his mortgage? :-)

> Tom may have
> bitten off a bit more than he could safely chew here: Catalyst Lass is
> an inherently difficult character to write because of all the various
> interpretations of her character that have surfaced in the past.

Actually, I don't find her difficult to write at all.  She's a lot of
fun to write, very rewarding, and I'm really enjoying working on her
both in this episode and in LNH v2 # 18.  What's "inherently
difficult" is getting back into prose writing after six weeks of being
out of work and two to three weeks of being sick.  What's "inherently
difficult" is finding the time to do so.

Most LNH stories I can whip out in a couple of drafts, because I don't
need to write "pretty" or "nice".  It has to be funny and fast.  But
with Cat, I try to write something of a higher technical quality,
because she's not an inherently silly character.  She's a fun
character, a real pleasure to write, but she's not Silly Goofball Man.

> It's
> also a bit of a transition episode in the sense that it will have
> dawned on the Legionaires that people are being abducted by this point
> but it won't be yet immediately obvious that it is only the leaders
> that are disappearing.

I think by this time, the more astute Legionnaires would have seen a
pattern-- and Cat is definitely among those who sees a pattern and
decides to do something about it... :-)


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