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Didn't write anything for the 5th... but if I
had it would probably have looked like this
thing I wrote about last year...

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in article 20060509170215.80673.qm... at web31308.mail.mud.yahoo.com, Tom
Russell at milos_par... at yahoo.com wrote on 5/9/06 10:02 AM:

 > How did YOU first come across rec.arts.comics.creative
 > and/or the LNH?  Were you surfing USENET groups,
 > trying to find something that picqued your interest?
 > Were you recommended by a friend?

No rec.arts.comics.creative back then (although I did vote this group into
creation).  I guess I was probably aware of a group called alt.comics.lnh as
early as Sept. 1993, but I wasn't curious enough to look at it.  (I thought
it was some strange comic called LNH which I didn't read or care about).

Then I started to get obsessed with superhero FAQs and was reading them all.
Ran across an LNH FAQ that was posted to rec.arts.comics.info and thought
this sounded pretty cool.

I was using an educational network called novanet which had some internet
access (only gopher and e-mail though... I'm not sure if they even had a
World Wide Web back then).  Posting was a bit tricky since I had to use my
e-mail to post to the newsgroup (which fortunately the LNH FAQ told me how
to do that).  First post I made to usenet would've been Dec. 6, 1993 and a
couple days later I posted some newbie post to alt.comics.lnh.  And Dec. 22
I posted my first LNH story.  I think I spent my Christmas Break reading
stories from the archive (what I could... had to use gopher to access ftp
archives... and I had to use gopher to read newsgroups which was a pretty
lously way to read them).

First story I probably read was Tales of the LNH #299 (the end of the Blood
Kitty saga).  I also read the Saint's Pig's in Space and some issue of LNHCP
involving the Looniverse Adrift saga.  Also remember reading Dave's Machine
series and Joltin' Jeff's PULP stuff.

Early 94 was a great time to start reading the LNH.  wReam, Stephane, and
the Stirge would have these long cascades.  David R Henry still posted.  As
did pretty much every single person that helped write LNH History (Scav
would eventually return and post some stuff... the Guy who created Lost
Cause Boy is probably the only person who has never posted while I've been
around).  Some of the LNH's best writing happened during 1994.

Spam was just a novelty at that point in time.  (Was the Omaha Project the
first major piece of spam?).

Was still in Highschool back then.  Now I'm 30.

Arthur "Waxing Nostalgic" Spitzer

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