LNH/HYPE: The Final Week of...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 27 17:54:27 PDT 2007

This is it.

The Final Week is here.

Nothing can prepare you for it.

Not even this hype post.

Finally, it will all be revealed.

(Assuming the issue where it is all
revealed is written in time)

And what will happen?

Will you enjoy it?

Or will you be disappointed by the outcome?

Who will live?

Who will die?

And will that death really matter in the long run?

Will Tom Russell's Catalyst Lass issue appear before April ends?

Will the Raccies be posted before the month of June?

Who is Captain Killfile's Mom?

I don't know.

(Actually the last one I do know.)

So this is it.


The Final Week... BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday -- Footnote Girl by Saxon Brenton
Sunday -- California Kid by Arthur Spitzer
Monday -- J. Random Kiwi by Jaelle
Tuesday -- Cannon Fodder by Rob Rogers and Arthur Spitzer
Wednesday -- The Epilogue by Arthur Spitzer
Thursday -- Beats me.
Friday -- Beats me.

Arthur "Tons of stuff to write" Spitzer

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