LNH: LNH Comics Presents #57: Infinite Leadership Cry.sig Ep.22

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Tue Apr 24 14:02:38 PDT 2007

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007, Martin Phipps wrote:

> Are you upset at PZ Myers or at the people whom he was refering to as
> ghouls?

As you probably guessed, the gouls. Such as, as you quote below, Fred 

> "Why did this happen, you ask? It's simple. Your military chose to
> shoot at the servants of God today, and all they got for their effort
> was terror. Then, the LORD your God sent a crazed madman to shoot at
> your children. Was God asleep while this took place? Was He on
> vacation? Of course not. He willed this to happen to punish you for
> assailing His servants."

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