LNH/META: So, Who's Investigating? (re: LNH Comics Presents #56)

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Sun Apr 22 15:11:54 PDT 2007

saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au wrote:

> LNH/META: So, Who's Investigating? (re: LNH Comics Presents #56)

> Plus, since there have been references to Occultism Kid calling in
> outside
> help, we get:
>   Doctor Surreal  (via Easy Going Lad and Occultism Kid)
>   Gothic Gorilla  (via Occultism Kid)
>   other Net.Trenchcoat Brigaders  (via Occultism Kid)
>   Doctor Net.ropolis  (via Doctor Stomper)

Has far as the world is concerned (and the LNH) Dr. Net.ropolis is
dead. (She might not be, but Dr. Stomper wouldn't know that)

And yeah I'll probably never finish that Saviors of the Net issue
which explains all of this... :)

Perhaps you meant to type Dr. Deranged.

> And there's probably a number of others who I'm blanking on just at
> the
> moment.  Even just sticking to members and affiliate members of the
> Legion of Net.Heroes, that's around two dozen people.  Is it any
> wonder
> that Occultism Kid came up with his hypothesis?

Of course just because someone who claims to be  All-Knowing Last-Chance 
Whiner Destiny Woman pops up... doesn't mean that that's who it is...

For all you know there could be shapeshifters running around the LNHHQ
pretending to be people.

I mean Contraption Man was in a coma in the first issue... and now he's
running around like nothing was wrong...

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