LNH/META: So, Who's Investigating? (re: LNH Comics Presents #56)

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Sat Apr 21 15:16:34 PDT 2007

LNH/META: So, Who's Investigating? (re: LNH Comics Presents #56)

The night before I posted LNHCP #56 I printed out and read/skimmed
through all the previous chapters of the Infinite Leadership Crisis
am so glad I did, since I had put in the reference to Doctor Stomper
vanishing but had forgotten that he'd left behind a robotic
and was able to amend the reference accordingly).

I was struck by all the throw away references to people investigating
the disappearances.  My estimate of how many people were
was 'over a dozen', but actually making up a list and adding in a few
other names that haven't been mentioned yet, I get something about
twice that.

So, off the top of my head and using brief character descriptions in
rosters (meaning there may be some characters listed here who are
wise tied up in limbo or dead or whatever) I get this breakdown:

Mundane Investigation, Data Analysis or Detective Work
  Anal-Retentive Archive Kid
  Bibliography Boy
  Browsing Boy
  Deductive Logic Man
  Incredible Man-With-No-Life  (Perhaps.  In some stories he's been
     depicted as using his immense free time to memorise useful if
     esoteric information, but more recently he's shown goofing off
     with the likes of Time Waster Lad and Procrastination Lad.)
  Librarian Lad
  Librarian Lady
  Renegade Programmer
  Research Lass

Science, Super Science and Weird Science
  Contraption Man
  Johnny Stomper
  Doctor Stomper
  Kid Kirby

Magic and Mysticism
  All-Knowing Last-Chance Whiner Destiny Woman
  Easy Going Lad
  Lynk  (I only thought of her yesterday, but Squidman would probably
     call her in to examine their dreams, and be frustrated when
     dreamscapes turn out to be shut down.  I plan to add a mention
     this to ILC28.)
  Occultism Kid
  the Teens In Trenchcoats

  Brain Boy
  Casey von Aluminiumfoil
  Psionic Lad
  Senses Lass  (She's joining the Legion in the next _Limp-Asparagus
     which is set before this, so I'm including her on a

Reality Manipulation
  Theory Man

  Curious Lass
  Footnote Girl
  Fourth Wall Lass

Catch All (Because I Have No Idea How Their Powers Work)
  Bizarre Boy
  Hooded H"ood Win
  Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad

Plus, since there have been references to Occultism Kid calling in
help, we get:
  Doctor Surreal  (via Easy Going Lad and Occultism Kid)
  Gothic Gorilla  (via Occultism Kid)
  other Net.Trenchcoat Brigaders  (via Occultism Kid)
  Doctor Net.ropolis  (via Doctor Stomper)

And there's probably a number of others who I'm blanking on just at
moment.  Even just sticking to members and affiliate members of the
Legion of Net.Heroes, that's around two dozen people.  Is it any
that Occultism Kid came up with his hypothesis?

Saxon Brenton

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