REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #39 - March 2007 [spoilers]

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Sun Apr 15 22:48:00 PDT 2007

On Apr 16, 1:28 am, "Saxon Brenton" <saxonbren... at> wrote:

>      The way that they capture the Trapper was quite clever.

Thank you.

> however the most important part of this story is the talk that Green
> Knight and Dani have where they sort out their feelings for one another.
> I'm willing to bet that it was also this pair of scenes that caused the
> original two-part Trapper story to blow out to three parts.

True enough.  The arc of the Trapper story was never supposed to be
Martin vs. the Trapper, but rather Martin and Dani working together,
flirting, bantering, and coming to their realization.  And so that
scene-- in which romantic yearnings are admitted, etc.-- is really the
climax of the story.  The capture of the Trapper himself was just

>  In any case,
> the way that Martin tries to live up to the archetype of the superhero as
> Green Knight is something I found more interesting.


One of the basic tensions in Martin is between who he is and who he
wants to be, complicated by the fact that he's still not sure who he
wants to be.  That is, he is trying to embrace the more superheroy
aspects of being a superhero (as opposed to his previous vigilante
incarnation) but he's still deciding which aspects he's comfortable
with.  For example, he'll accept a unicycle as a mode of
transportation, but not a unicycle with a missile launcher.

He's still trying to strike a balance, both in his personal and
professional life, and this will heat up considerably in the next few

>   So then, the question
> becomes: is he putting enough or insufficient trust in Dani?  We shall
> see.

That will be a big part of #8, which I've completed but won't be
posting for a while.  Maybe a month, maybe two.  I have my reasons,
which I'll explain at the time that I post it.

Thanks for the review, Saxon!


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