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Michael King, Mary Bailey and Frank Lopez: crime scene
investigators.  John Phelps, Mark Johnston and Tom
Jackson: police officers.  Jack Greenspan and Edward
Bailey: medical examiners.  Alan Russell and Roger
Roeper: lawyers.  These are the men and women who
are truly our last line of defense.  But what about
the capes whose cases they have to investigate? 
Should they be considered a help or a hindrance? 

                  SUPERFREAKS SEASON 2 #7


                         PART I

4:31 pm

  "Susan, tell me again what happened," Detective John
Phelps said to his wife.
  "She was standing right here in front of me and then
she just disappeared."
  "Do you know any reason why anybody might want to
take Katherine?"
  "It must have something to do with her powers.  What
else could it be?"
  Just then John's cell phone rang.  John answered it.
  >>John.  It's Michael.  Katherine isn't the only one
missing.  It's all over the news.<<

5:01 pm

  "We're here at the Legion of Extreme Fans
Headquarters," Janie Leland of WXPT News said into her
microphone, "where five new heroes have stepped
forward to fill in for the missing Extreme Force Six
so that Pepperton may remain safe."
  Five would be heroes stood at the podium.
  "Good afternoon.  I'm Ultimate Man and behind me are
Chesspawn, Mr. Angry, Psychic Girl and Gun Guy.  We
are here because, with the Extreme Force Six missing,
our city still needs heroes."
  "Could you all explain what you can do?" a reporter
from the crowd asked.
  Chesspawn spoke up.  "I have the ability to come
back from the death."
  "Is that useful?" the reporter asked.
  "It is if you die," Chesspawn said.
  "I have the power to get very angry when faced with
evildoers," Mr. Angry said.
  "And what?"
  "And then what do you do?"
  "What do you mean?"
  "So you get angry when faced with evil doers.  What
good is that?"
  Mr. Angry got angry.  "Just what are you trying to
imply, hmm?  And what can you do when you are faced
with evil, hmm?"
  "Nothing but I'm not claiming to be a hero."
  "Why you--!"
  "Bryce, please," Psychic Girl said.  "There's no
reason to get angry."
  "Hey, Diana, you're not supposed to use my real name
in public!"
  "You just used mine."
  Another reporter spoke up.  "And what do you do?"
  "You want to know what my powers are."
  "I'm Psychic.  That's why I am called 'Psychic
  "So you can read minds?"
  "Uh huh."
  "So what am I thinking?"
  "You're wondering if I can really read minds."
  The reporter nodded.  "She's good," he said to the
man next to him.
  One more reporter spoke up.  "What about you,
Ultimate Man.  What can you do?"
  "I can do everything the others can do but better!"
  "Really?  So you can read minds?"
  "Uh huh."
  "And you can come back from the dead?"
  "Have you actually ever come back from the dead."
  "No," Ultimate Man conceeded, "but I'm sure I could
and then come back faster than Chesspawn."
  "How can you be sure?"
  Ultimate Man laughed.  "Look, I'm not going to kill
myself just to prove that I can come back.  Dying is
very painful, isn't it Chesspawn?"
  "Sure is!" Chesspawn said.
  "See?  Besides, if we're ever in battle, I'm going
to avoid dying because the team needs me."  He gave
the audience a broad smile that showed all of his
teeth.  "Any more questions?"

5:32 pm

  John met with Michael at Pepperton Precinct One.
  "I called Doctor Javier," Michael told him.  "He
says all of his patients are missing.  That's in
addition to the Extreme Force Six."
  "So is everybody with powers being taken."
  "I wondered that myself so I contacted various
prisons and they tell me that not only are all the
members of the Brotherhood of Masters missing but also
Doctor Platypus and that guy who claimed to be a god."
  "The one who killed the bouncer at the Sax in the
City club and then was imprisoned by the Extreme Force
Six in the Anti-Dimension?"
  "Yeah," Michael said, "although he was transfered to
a different prison when their prison had to be
  "Right," John said.  "So who do you think is behind
  Michael shrugged his shoulders.  "I have no idea."

10:13 pm

  Three thugs were attacking a woman in an alley. 
Chesspawn shooped down and introduced himself.
  "Beware evildoers!" he said.  "For I am chesspawn!"
  The three thugs weren't intimidated by him at all. 
"So what can you do?" one of them asked.
  "Um... die?" Chesspawn said.
  The thugs laughed.
  "You got that right!"

                       PART II

9:02 am

  "Who did this?" Mr. Angry demanded.  "Who killed
  "We want to know who killed Chesspawn," Psychic Girl
  Detective John Phelps nodded.  "Now, hold on.  The
doctor says Chesspawn is coming out of it.  He'll be
alright.  In fact, last I heard he was sitting up and
talking.  He's talking to a couple of my people right

9:04 am

  "Did you see who did this?" Detective Michael King
asked him.
  "There were three of them," Chesspawn told him.
  "Did you get a good look at them?"
  "Pretty good.  From what I remember before I died."
  Michael nodded.  "Chesspawn, this is Frank Lopez."
  "Hi," Frank said.
  "If you describe the men who atacked you then he'll
be able to draw pictures of them.  Do you think you
can do that?"
  Chesspawn nodded.  "Sure."

9:10 am

  John got another call on his cell phone.
  >>John?  It's Susan.<<
  "Yeah.  Hi.  What's up?"
  >>She's back.<<
  >>Katherine's back.<<

9:32 am

  "I'm Detective Michael King.  I'm here to see Water
  The guard at Extreme Force Headquarters shook his
head.  "I'm sorry, Sir, but Water Lord is too busy to
see you right now."
  "Then it's true.  They're back."
  The guard nodded.  "He told me to give this to you
if you stopped by."  He handed Michael a letter that
Water Lord had signed over the seal.
  "What's this about?"
  "He says it's about Scott Grey and that you should
pass it on to the judge handling his case."
  "Alright," Michael said.  "I'll do that."

9:43 am

  "I got here as soon as I could," John said.  "How's
  "She's fine," Susan told him, "but she's been
through so much."
  "I can imagine," John said.  "I'd like to talk to
her about what happened if you don't mind."
  "Go ahead," Susan said.  "She's your daughter too."
  John found Katherine sitting at the kitchen table.
  "Hey, Kitty," he said, "are you okay?"
  "I'm fine."
  "So... what happened?"
  Katherine sighed.  "It was weird.  I was taken by
this guy who called himself the Beyonitor and brought
to this battle world.  There were others: there was
Scott Grey and his wife, Kurt Rasputin, Allen Barry,
Harry Roy plus all the members of the Extreme Force
Six, you know Water Lord, Mr. G, Extreme, Amazing
Woman, the Human Spider and Weapon Alpha.  Anyway, the
Beyonitor told us we had to fight not only the
Brotherhood of Masters but also Mr. Uoykcuf, the
Insomniac, Doctor Platypus, Zon, Devastatus and this
guy who seemed to think he was Hercules.  The winners
of the battle would be sent back home while the losers
would be killed."
  "My God."
  "But it's okay: everything turned out fine.  We beat
them alright but then the Beyonitor renegged and said
we wouldn't be going home and that he had another
challenge for us.  So then all of us teamed up and
fought the Beyonitor and forced him to send all of us
back to where we came from."
  John shook his head.  "That must have been quite an
ordeal for you!"
  "Yeah, but it was also sort of cool.  You know,
fighting alongside the Extreme Force Six and all."
  Her mother got angry.  "I don't want you running off
and joining some superteam like the Extreme Force
Six," she told her.  "Not until you finish school!"
  Katherine rolled her eyes back.  "Yes, Mom!"

3:02 pm

  "Excuse me, I'm here to see Detective Mary Bailey."
  Naomi Chen, the receptionist at Pepperton Police
Precinct One nodded.  "She's right over there," she
said, pointing to her.
  Scott walked up to Mary.
  "Yes, Scott?"
  "I just wanted you to know that it wasn't my
intention to skip bail."
  Mary smiled.  "That's okay.  We figured you'd been
kidnapped by the Beyonitor like everybody else."
  "Oh," Scott said, "so you heard what happened."
  Mary nodded.  "And in addition to the recommendation
from Doctor Javier, you also have a recommendation
from Water Lord for the judge to go easy on you."
  "Oh.  Really?  Good."
  "Anyway," Mary said, "the hearing is tomorrow
afternoon.  Please try not to get kidnapped by any
more omnipotent entities before then.  Okay?"

                    PART III

10:15 am

  The SWAT team raided the warehouse that had been
identified as the hideout of the thugs who had killed
Chesspawn two days ago.
  "Nobody move!" big policemen with big guns, helmets
and kelvar body armour called out to them.  After a
few minutes it was determined that they were no longer
a threat to anybody.  "It's all clear," the SWAT team
leader said.
  Detective John Phelps entered with Chesspawn
following close behind him.
  "Are these the men who attacked you?" John asked
  "Yeah," Chesspawn said.  "These are the guys."
  One of the thugs recognized him.  "It can't be you? 
We killed you!"
  John sometimes couldn't believe the stupidity of the
average criminal in Pepperton.  "Is that supposed to
be a confession, moron?" he asked.  He shook his head.
 "Take them away!"
  "Nice and slow," the SWAT team leader said.  The
three thugs were taken outside where a police van was
waiting for them.

3:15 pm

  Judge Kevin Matthews was ready to render his
decision in the case of Pepperton versus Scott Grey.
  "Mr. Grey, would you stand up please?"
  Scott stood up.
  "Mr. Grey, robbery is a serious crime."
  "I know your honour--"
  "Let me finish.  Normally it would require a
manditory prison term but here I have not only a
recommendation from Doctor Javier, a fine upstanding
citizen of this city, but also a recommendation from
Water Lord saying that you have helped the Extreme
Force Six on numerous occasions."
  "I have, your honuor."
  The judge nodded.  "That being the case, and in
recognition of the fact that you are a new father, I
am going to suspend sentencing in this case."  He
struck his gavel down on the bench.  "You are free to
  Scott hugged his wife.  He then turned to thank his
lawyer, Roger Roeper, who was happy to finally win a
  Alan Russell smiled as well.  He was very happy for
them so, just this once, he didn't mind losing a case.

7:05 pm

  "I appreciate you coming tonight," Detective Michael
King said.
  "You said it was important," FBI Special Agent Lana
Lewis said.
  "It is," Michael said as he opened a bottle of
champagne and poured it out into their glasses.  "I
thought we needed to talk."
  Lana smiled.  "You couldn't have picked a nicer
restaurant," she said.
  "It is nice, isn't it?"
  "So what did you want to talk to me about?"
  Michael sighed.  "I'm thinking of leaving Pepperton
and going to work for the FBI."
  Lana was surprised.  "Really?"
  Michael nodded.  "Sure.  I have several years of
service, first as a marine and then as a police
detective.  I figure it's a good enough resume that
the FBI would want to hire me."
  Lana smiled.  "Are you doing this for me?"
  Michael nodded.  "This way we don't have to drive a
long way to get together.  This way we can get to work
  "Is it what you really want?"
  "Because if you change your mind then you'll end up
hating me."
  "I couldn't do that."
  Lana laughed.  "You say that now.  But we only met a
year ago and we've only been dating a few weeks. 
Let's take our time before rushing into anything."
  "Fair enough," he said.  He sipped some champagne. 
"You know, you could always come here to work in
  Lana nodded.  "That's a tempting offer.  Really. 
I'll think about it."
  Michael seemed doubtful.  "You're sure?"
  Lana smiled.  "Where do you think this is going,
  Michael laughed.  "Now who's going too fast?"
  "I'm serious!  Look, I'll tell you right now that I
do one day want to have kids and if I do then I'm
going to want to stay home with them.  That being the
case, why should I ask you to quit your job right
  "You really don't want to go on to be FBI director?"
  "I don't even know if the FBI director wants to be
the FBI director.  It's a hell of a job."
  Michael nodded.  "Okay.  We'll take things one step
at a time."
  Lana smiled and raised her glass.  "I'll drink to
  They clinked their glasses.
  "Me too," he said with a smile.

                        THE END


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