Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 13 15:27:29 PDT 2007

Thirteen Heroes are gone.

Who or What is doing this?

Have you figured it out yet?

I can tell you one thing.

One thing for sure.

It isn't me, Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever Master Man.

Nope.  I know.  You're shocked.  So was I.

I seem the obvious choice.  But then again -- maybe I was too obvious.

Why didn't I make the cut?  I guess the LNH Authors are just too 
cowardly to put me into a story.  And that's a shame.

But maybe if all of you readers out there sign a petition demanding my 
inclusion into this tale then I, Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever 
Master Man, can finally destroy the LNH once and for all!  Yes!!!  YES!!!!!


Well, where was I?

Ah, yes.

The whole hype thing.

Let's see Week Three...

Begins TOMORROW...!!!!

Saturday -- Master Blaster by Martin Phipps
Sunday -- Sister State-the-Obvious by Martin Phipps
Monday -- Super Apathy Lad by Martin Phipps
Tuesday -- Frat Boy by Rob Rogers
Wednesday -- Ordinary Lady by Rob Rogers
Thursday -- Adamant-Authority-On-Everything by Rob Rogers
Friday -- Linguist Lass by Martin Phipps

And now I, Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever Master Man, will just 
kind of wait here.

Just wait.

God, my life sucks.

Death to the LNH!

Arthur "Need to finish California Kid this weekend" Spitzer

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