[Superfreaks] Superfreaks "Season 2" Precog

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 06:32:17 PDT 2007

Daemon worshipping cults?  Par for the course.  Clones in the
prostitution industry?  Not entirely unexpected.  "Talking" animals?
Not unheard of.  Interdimensional travel?  Piece of cake.  Serial
killers with superpowers?  Had to happen.  Alien invasions?  What?
Again?!  Suspicious deaths?  Every single week.  It's just another day
in the lab for the chemists, doctors, lawyers and police detectives
working in the great city of Pepperton.

Coming no doubt fairly soon... Superfreaks "Season 2".

Seriously I've got the first five "episodes" already roughly plotted
and the daemons, clones, animals, serial killers and aliens are all in


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