LNH: Untold Tales of the Looniverse #2

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 17:18:13 PDT 2006

Jesse Willey wrote:
> > Google "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy".
>   You know Tom-- if a movie, book, movie or TV show
> was made after 1975 he's going to hate it.  The


> further away from 1975 it was made the more he is
> going to hate it.

Oh, you're trying to be funny.  But to be funny, your observations have
to have some basis in reality, Jesse.

It's true that I appreciate the classics in all artforms.  But that's
because classic books, films, television, and comics usually have both
more substance and heart.

I don't really enjoy frivolous art, and the whole MTV aesthetic
certainly turns me off.  What I appreciate above all are those modern
works that don't kowtow to the modern attention span, but expect its
audience to be intelligent.  Works that expect you to have a little
life experience, and challenge you.  Works that have heart and depth
and truth.

And while most films and books and et al don't even aspire to that,
good stuff does exist in any age.


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