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Wed Sep 20 19:44:31 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:
> Tom Russell wrote:
>>This does bring up a question for discussion: why is it that
>>Cheesecake-Eater Lad remains so popular, and Steak and Potatoes Man not
>>as much?  IMO (to be brutally honest), SAPM has a much-better defined
>>personality than CEL.  And yet it's the latter who is, more or less,
>>the poster child of the LNH.
>>Might be because CEL came first, or because cheesecake is inherently
>>wonky.  But it doesn't matter what I think; I want to know what you

Probably because CEL came first.  Also because S&PM is limited to
making actual American cuisine where as CEL can create any
cheesecake that comes in his little head.

Like handcuff cheesecakes. Deathtrap cheesecakes.  Mindcontrol 
cheesecakes.  Porn cheesecakes.  Cheesecakes made from the Bones of 
Gods.  Man-eating cheesecakes.  Universe destroying cheesecakes.

Plus CEL has deeper relations with a variety of LNH characters.
Best friends with Parking Karma Kid.  in the whole wReam cliche 
(CEL,PKK, wReamhack, Cannon Fodder).  a student-teacher thing with 
Ultimate Ninja.  Married to aLLiterative Lass and had a love triangle
with Bandwagon Chick and Hamster Man (or was that PKK)?

S&PM only has a connection with Frat Boy and that's it.

Plus he's a dull character to write.

I'm sure some will eventually write something worthwile for him.  Not me 

> Cheesecake Eater lad came first.  Cheesecake is "wonky".  But more
> importantly, Steak and Potatoes is dull, both the character and the
> choice of menu.  (I've always been more of a pork and rice type of
> guy.)  Also, he was created as an American icon like Captain America
> and, regardless of how it began, most of us who write for the LNH are
> not American: me, Jaelle, Jamie, Jamas, Saxon.  You, Rob and Arthur are
> the only Americans posting for the LNH with the other authors posting
> for other imprints.

Well there's Jesse, and Dave posted a story this year.

Looks like Russ needs to write another story to keep the LNH within
America's grip.   :)

> Besides, American food, namely hamgurgers, French
> fries, hot dogs (ie frankfurters in a bun), apple pie, pizza,
> spaghetti, this is all European food so the fallacy of having a
> character who cooks only American food is inherently wrong.  It is
> disturbing to me that pizza is considered American by Steak and
> Potatoes Man but egg rolls are not.  At least that is how I reacted
> when the character was first introduced.  (I may even have said so at
> the time: I have a bad habit of speaking my mind. :) )

There is American food that was developed in America.

Native American cuisine (fry bread, corn bread).

Turkeys are an American bird.  Gumbo.  Since Hawaii is a state
Hawaiian cuisine is also American.

I guess he should probably be called Turkey and Cornbread Stuffing Man.

>>>     Dave Van Domelen, may have to call the cops on his noisy downstairs
>>>neighbors again tonight, joy.
>>My sympathies: the main impetus for purchasing a house and basically
>>ruining myself financially is that my wife is a very light sleeper who
>>awakes at the slightest squeak.  The apartment above us had many
>>occupants in the years we were there, but they all had several things
>>in common: none of them had jobs; their parents paid for their cars,
>>rent, utilities, and food; they all slept during the day and not at
>>Not trying to outdo you or anything; we certainly never had to call the
>>police on our neighbours.  Just commiserating in your misery. :-(
> I've suffered from bad neighbours before but I am now living in a brand
> new faculty dorm and there AREN'T any neighbours downstairs, at least
> not yet. :)

The apartment I live in is pretty quiet.  Also live next to some cranky 
old people who are willing to complain about any noise.

> Martin

Arthur "American Cheesecake" Spitzer

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