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Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 03:35:09 PDT 2006

> Also, he was created as an American icon like
> Captain America
> and, regardless of how it began, most of us who
> write for the LNH are
> not American: me, Jaelle, Jamie, Jamas, Saxon.  You,
> Rob and Arthur are
> the only Americans posting for the LNH with the
> other authors posting
> for other imprints.  

  Whattya mean I'm not American?  Those are fightin'
words, you three nosed bastard.   I was born in Ohio,
raised near D.C. and got my higher education outside
the dungpile of the east coast-- Baltimore. I'm as
American as Count Chocula. 
 You want authentic American food?  You can't go wrong
with The Count.  Though it and Frankenberry are only
around during Halloween due to the PC brigade. But I
  At least last time I checked the Department of
Homeland Security doesn't have to power to revoke
citizenship for those who vote democrat and give money
to groups like the ACLU and the CBLDF.  Before it was
declared unconstituitional they might have been able
to Gitmo them... but not revoke their citizenship.
   Does not listening to Commander Coo-Coo Banannas
make me not an American?  I happen to agree with
Jefferson about the highest form of patriotism.  
   Sure, I keep having these weird dreams where I win
$100,000,000 in the lottery then move to Vancouver to
become a part time production assistant on cheaply
made bad horror flicks for Sci-Fi channel but these
days who doesn't? It's a nice dream.  Especially when
ends with me sneaking back to the set with the woman
from catering who may or may not be my friend's

   What?  It's not like you haven't told us stuff
about yourself that is ten time weirder Martin.   I
mean honestly-- a single guy has mild crush on his
friend's sister. Is it so shocking?

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