LNHY: Girls on Beach Blankets #1: "Mind Powers"

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 17 07:00:17 PDT 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> [Warning:  This story might be incredibly sexist or perhaps social
> commentary on sexism.  I can't tell.]

Sexist?  Not really.

Cheerfully immoral?  Perhaps.

But sexist?  Nah.

> "You know," Salsa said, "That little kid's been lying there quite a long
> while.  You think we should check to see if he's fine or call 911 or
> something?"
> Cherry shrugged and sunk down on the beach blanket again.

And I should note that this is one of those times that "cherrfully
immoral" behaviour is pretty damn funny.

> =========
> NEXT TIME:  More girls... on beach blankets!
> =========
> Author's Note:
>  From the brilliant mind that brought you 'Guys in Trenchcoats fighting
> Ninjas'.
> Mostly wrote this to break out of this writing funk I'm in.
> I'm not quite sure how this all fits in with the Looniverse Y mythology.

Somewhere, I suspect, between Gidget and the Banjo-Duelling Kangaroo's
cousins, the Bikini-Wearing Dingos.

> Posting this on a new computer since my old one broke.
> Arthur "Writer's Block sucks" Spitzer

Yep.  But it's glad to have you back.  I was going into Spitzer


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