LNHY: Girls on Beach Blankets #1: "Mind Powers"

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[Warning:  This story might be incredibly sexist or perhaps social 
commentary on sexism.  I can't tell.]

Girls on Beach Blankets #1

"Mind Powers"

Once there was a beach.  A happy beach.  A beach with blankets.  And 
girls on those blankets.  And the girls wore colorful bikinis.  Red. 
Blue.  Black.  Yes, even Yellow Polka Dotted Bikinis.  And sometimes 
they would lie on their backs.  And sometimes on their stomachs.  And 
sometimes they would sit up and even stand up so that the wind could 
blow through their hair.

And some even built sandcastles.

This is their story.

A story filled with heart ache, heart break, booze, drugs, and a little 
bit of beach volleyball.

Let us focus on two of these bikini clad women lying on a big green 
beach blanket.

The red-headed one wearing the black bikini goes by the name Cherry. 
She's a dancer at a strip club called "The Lucky Banana" and goes to 
Harvard Law School.  She wants to be a Supreme Court Justice.  Or if not 
that then at least a head priestess in a satanic sex cult.

Next to her is a red bikinied Latino by name of Salsa.  Salsa is lead 
guitar in an all girl rock band called "We're not Lesbians.  Really." 
Her dream is to move to Alaska so she can race huskies in the Iditarod.

Cherry tied her bikini back up, rose up, and looked at Salsa.  "Do you 
ever think about the mind.  About the power that lurks within it?"

Salsa glanced at Cherry.  "Huh?  What do you mean?"

Cherry put some sun lotion on her hand and rubbed it on her arm.  "I 
mean, could you like kill someone just by focusing your mind?  Want some?"

"Sure."  Salsa took a glop of suntan lotion and rubbed it on her 
shoulders and neck.  "What do you mean kill?"

"Look over there.  You see that kid?"  Cherry pointed to a little boy 
building a sand castle.  "Watch this!"  Cherry focused her mind on the 
little boy.  After a couple of minutes the little boy fell on top of his 
sand castle.

"There!  Did you see that?"  Cherry pointed to the very still little boy 
lying on the sand castle.

"What?"  Salsa shrugged.

"I killed that little kid using the power of my mind!"

"No.  That's just some kind of coincidence.  I'm sure the kid is 
sleeping or something."

"Nope.  He's dead.  And I killed him with my mind."

A little bit later...

A flock of sea gulls started to hover around the little boy.

"You know," Salsa said, "That little kid's been lying there quite a long 
while.  You think we should check to see if he's fine or call 911 or 

Cherry shrugged and sunk down on the beach blanket again.

NEXT TIME:  More girls... on beach blankets!
Author's Note:

 From the brilliant mind that brought you 'Guys in Trenchcoats fighting 

Mostly wrote this to break out of this writing funk I'm in.

I'm not quite sure how this all fits in with the Looniverse Y mythology.

Posting this on a new computer since my old one broke.

Arthur "Writer's Block sucks" Spitzer

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