8FOLD/ACRA: Jolt City # 2, There Was a Crooked Man!

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 18:48:16 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:

> Ray Crandle reminded me of Batman from Miller's Dark Knight Returns but
> mainly this was because he was old.  In this issue, he came across as
> more of a Superman archetype who made dramatic appearances during the
> day, wore a bright costume and even signed autographs.  Martin, by
> contrast, had worn a black costume, appeared at night and was more of
> an urban legend that didn't interact with people.  So Martin was more
> the Batman archetype than Ray, even though to begin with Ray was the
> mentor and he was the sidekick.
> How's that?

That's some very astute observations, Martin.

I definitely want Martin to be his own character as much as possible,
but there are two archetypes he's definitely informed by: Batman and
Spider-Man.  And both those archetypes, in turn, have recieved many
different interpetations over the years.

I think I'm moving him more towards joy, towards the sillier aspects of
the cape-and-tights game, but only slightly: he's a man of
contradictions, struggling to find the middle ground.

Above all, I'm just trying to tell good classic stand-aloneish
superhero stories.

> Martin


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