LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes vol 2. #19: Silly War

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 5 19:43:08 PDT 2006

Man, this was short.

Here I was all set to write a review, and then I read it and realized--
any review I write is likely to be longer than the issue itself.

But I enjoyed it-- there were a few Phippsian chuckles, and it did
bring a smile to my face.

Martin Phipps wrote:

>   "And with new members like Paranoid Lad constantly
> popping up from out of nowhere, it would be a
> humongous task trying to update the roster."

I did volunteer to moderate the roster, but, the fact is, I know
nothing about HTML or programming web-pages.  (Hell, I'm still
confounded by outlook express).  I know that there's some talk about
possibly converting the roster to a wiki, and I understand that this
would take some time/research and so is probably a long way off.  After
all, as Saxon pointed out in EOMR, this entire community runs on the
efforts and good-will of volunteers, foremost among them being Eagle.

Eagle is a system admin for Stanford, which must be an incredibly
demanding job, often calling for insane work hours.  And yet he takes
the time to moderate RACC, tend to the archives, answer emails, and
write his informative/helpful book reviews on his website: none of
these things giving him any kind of personal or financial gain
whatsoever.  So I just want to suck up here a little and say, thank you
Eagle.  I think I speak for everyone when we say that we greatly
appreciate the work you do for us.

Until another brave (and, hopefully, more competent than I) soul steps
forward to maintain the archives, or its wikified, or whatever's going
to happen with it, I'd like to suggest that we compile a text version.
If the original or primary authors of a character are still on-board,
it'd be great if they could take a moment to tell us the powers,
personality, vitals, reservation status and some general tips on
writing the character; maybe point out a couple of stories in which
this is really well done.  If the authors aren't with us, I for one
would be very enthusiastic about doing work on as many entries as

I may not know from HTML, but I can sure churn out text.  A humongous
task?  Bah!  I laugh in the face of humongous tasks!  Even ginormus

On a related note: I'm still hard at work on my Ultimate Guide to the
Ultimate Ninja.  If anyone can offer some thoughts on wReam during the
pre-RACC period, the Ultimate Ninja, the Leadership Crisis, et cetera,
it would be greatly appreciated. :-)

>   "Um, no, that's okay.  This is probably enough for
> one issue," Deja Dude said.  "Or maybe Tom Russell can
> add on one of those Untold Tales of Pants Rabbit Lad
> stories.  Assuming he has time, that is."


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