META: LNH Wikipedia Article

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Sep 4 13:13:57 PDT 2006

I went through the LNH Wikipedia article and made some changes-- mostly
tightening things up: cutting things that might confuse people, and
other things that I don't have a problem with, per se, but might be too
much information/too "crufty".  Wikipedia generally advises keeping
articles under 32k in length, and we were pushing 34.

I also reworded some of the descriptions for the different series so
that they didn't sound like back-of-a-paperback style blurbs.  I cut
some of the history/story description that didn't have a lasting
impact: for example, we're down to one Ninja again, so I cut out the
reference to the three.  And I took the liberty of changing the logo to
the "Tide box" design Wil Alambre came up with, since there really
hasn't been much discussion about it.

If anyone thinks I've gone too far, please feel free to revert any of
my edits: that's what Wikipedia's about! :-)


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