[MISC] Plot vs. Character

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 3 13:08:05 PDT 2006

> I read a series of three French albums that saw the
> same events from
> different characters point-of-view in each album.
> However, other events
> were added in the second and third album, because
> they all had lives
> *apart* from that overlapping events.

  It is not a new idea.  Aside from the beginnings I
really don't want to show *anything* other than the
same events.  I want to give the same basic
information three or four times through the point of
view of the characters so that the reader can enjoy
each one as a seperate story but if the reader chooses
to read all four, they'd get a richer experience and
make a judgement for themselves.   Most of the
characters I'd be using have already appearred in
Adventures Beyond Comprehension or soon will.  
> There were twists in the story that didn't appear
> until album 2 and 3, but
> album 1 could be read and understood by itself.

  In this case there isn't going to be a normal
'twist' in anything.  Nothing more than various people
with various views of right and wrong.  Characters who
are protagonists in one version will be antagonists in
another-- etc.    

   I think without intending to, but once I picked up
on it I started doing it a little more conciously, I
picked up themes for the series as a whole.   That by
tellling these stories and vignettes from from varying
points it somehow became about things like morality
and personal responsibility.   Some characters have
similar positions but to a different extent, Rick
Henkerton and Dalton Asters for instance.  Where as
some characters views are completely different. 
(Crystal and Dalton.)  


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