[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #32 - August 2006 [spoilers]

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Sat Sep 2 15:47:21 PDT 2006

In article <BAY106-F256894E608E277F9B73818CA3D0 at phx.gbl>,
Saxon Brenton <saxonbrenton at hotmail.com> wrote:
>     To put the story as briefly as possible: _Academy of Super Heroes_
>#70 was posted back in mid July, but didn't initially make it to
>newsgroup distribution.  Apparently a new system of digitally signing
>the DNS record of the newsfeed was implemented up the line from
>eyrie.org, and this bamboozled and confoozled the eyrie.org local news
>server.  Dvandom thought it was a propagation glitch, tried to repost,
>and after that had no effect, mailed a pointer to the Yahoo group that
>included a mildly testy explanation of the situation.  Eagle identified
>the problem, corrected it, and posted a note on the proper netiquette
>for situations like that.

     Well, to be accurate about my minor hissy, what I did was post to RACC
through Google Groups about the issue, not to the Yahoo group.  I was gearing
up for the busy part of the year at work, and didn't think things through as
much as I should have.

     As for the boolean overlap, there's also now people who find out about
new ASH issues from my LiveJournal.  Am I widening my audience, or
balkanizing it?  Hard to say, given that it's pretty small to start with, and
one or two people make for a big percentage.

     Dave Van Domelen, fortunately writes because he enjoys writing, not
because he craves a big audience.  :)

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